How to use DuraCleanse Wipes

What You'll Need:

DuraCleanse CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes
Clean, dry washcloth

Cleaning Instructions:

Wash Your Hands:
Before handling your CPAP equipment, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Dry them completely with a clean towel.
Disconnect the Mask:
Disconnect the mask from the CPAP hose and headgear.
Wipe Down the Mask:
Remove one DuraCleanse wipe from the package. Gently wipe down the entire surface of the mask, including the cushion, straps, and frame.
Clean the Headgear:
Use the same wipe to clean the headgear straps and any fabric parts that come into contact with your skin.
Clean the Hose (Optional):
For a quick clean, you can wipe down the outside of the hose with a DuraCleanse wipe. Important Note: Do not use wipes to clean the inside of the hose. Refer to your CPAP manufacturer's cleaning instructions for proper hose cleaning procedures.
Allow to Air Dry:
Let the mask, headgear, and hose air dry completely before reassembling your CPAP equipment. You can use a clean, dry washcloth to speed up the drying process if needed.

Additional Tips:

Daily Cleaning:
We recommend cleaning your CPAP mask and headgear daily with DuraCleanse wipes.
Weekly Cleaning:
We recommend cleaning your CPAP mask andWeekly Cleaning: headgear daily with DuraCleanse wipes.
Manufacturer Instructions:
Always refer to your CPAP manufacturer's cleaning instructions for specific recommendations on cleaning your equipment.
Replace Wipes:
Close the package securely after each use to prevent wipes from drying out. Replace the package of wipes once they become dry or after the expiration date.
Grated with the highest Merv rating
Blocks up to 99.97% airborn particles
Maximum Air Purification
Minimal Flow Rate Reduction
Zero leaks with ultra-secure rubberized connectors
Tear-resistant and won’t crack with nightly use
Made of Top-Quality Dow 8003 Polyolefin Elastomer
Maintains its form and prevents hose collapse and kinking