How to use DuraCleanse Wipes

Gentle Yet Effective:
Our wipes are formulated with a gentle, hypoallergenic solution that cleanses effectively without irritating your dog's skin.
Extra-Large & Durable:
 DuraCleanse wipes are bigger and stronger than regular pet wipes, ensuring a thorough clean-up in just one swipe, even for large breeds.
All-Over Cleanliness:
These versatile wipes are perfect for cleaning your dog's face, paws, body, and even those sensitive areas like around the eyes and ears.
Fresh Scent:
Leave your dog smelling fresh
and clean with a pleasant, long-lasting
Convenient & Easy to Use:
The resealable pack keeps wipes moist
and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

How to Use DuraCleanse Pet Wipes

Gather your supplies:
A pack of DuraCleanse Pet Wipes and some love for your pup!
Gently restrain your dog:
 Hold your dog in a comfortable position for a stress-free clean-up.
Open the package:
Unfold a wipe and remove it gently.
Clean your dog's face:
 Wipe around the eyes and mouth area using a clean section of the wipe for each eye. Avoid contact with the eyes themselves.
Clean the paws:
Wipe each paw thoroughly, removing any dirt or debris between the toes.
Discard the used wipe:
Dispose in garbage or recycling bin: our wipes are compostable. Do not flush.
Reward your dog:
Offer your pup some praise or a treat for being a good sport!
100% sustainable
Plant-based fibers
Alcohol free
Paraben free
Organic product
Natural ingredients